Friday, 23 January 2015

Hung Straight Wanker Andy Lee

Have you seen that totally hot and hung straight guy Andy Lee is back in the wanking business? He disappeared for a while, but the guys gorgeous thick and long uncut cock is back out and being stroked in some excellent videos recently. The cum cannon is looking to make more solo and buddy-wank scenes for sites in the UK, and I have to admit I am SOOO looking forward to those.

If you've never seen Andy before, you should know that this straight guy has no problem getting his big cock out and stroking off with a mate or two. He's been in group wanks, stroke shows with his best mate, and even shot some loads wanking off with his brother too.

He's recently started working alongside BlokeToys too, testing out some of their toys and lubes, and I think he's gonna be making some wank videos using their toys. He's one to watch, so make sure you go and follow him on Twitter, and check out his Xtube channel where he has a couple of videos already and apparently a lot more to come too.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Straight Jock Cumming

Everyone loves to see a hot straight jock enjoying his cock and cumming a messy load. I just found this excellent giff of a hunk doing exactly that and wanted to share it with you guys straight away. I know you'd all love to be there on the bed helping him produce that thick load! ;)

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Andrea Suarez stroking his delicious uncut cock

Have you seen this new video with Andrea Suarez stroking his long uncut cock in a locker room jack off, and fucking himself in the butt with a big toy too? I have to admit I've been a little hooked on this scene since it arrived, I've stroked out several loads to it already and I can feel another one coming on ;)

Monday, 21 February 2011


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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Hot Straight Guy Zack

Zack was always a favorite at Southern Strokes.

But he was never interested in doing anything remotely "gay". Some guys just don't have it in them.

Zack returns now, and he's already stated he's a little more open to "exploring" sex!

Not only is he a little more interested, he's a little bigger too. Check out that hot and hunky body, really suited to that chnky uncut cock hanging there between his legs. He strips off for us in this first visit back, stroking his cock hard and getting all worked up before shooting a hot load of cum all over his tanned bod.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Hung Straight Hunk Gets Blown By a Dude!

So here's the setup at UNGLORYHOLE.COM. This guy has set up this glory hole where a hot chick waits to suck guys off. The thing is, he tells straight guys about this "secret" without telling them that he set it up, that there's a camera behind the wall too, and that it's actually a guy who'll be stealing their cum load.

He tells his straight friends or guys he meets that it would be cool to film it.

And so we have movies like the one these stills are from
This hot straight guy was told about this secret place by the camera man not knowing any of this. He thinks he's just being filmed getting blown by that chick, for a laugh.

He looks through the hole and sees a hot cum-whore waiting for his cock, and as soon as his big, floppy cock is through that gap, our cock-hungry dude takes her place.

He jerks that dick, sucks the head, licks the shaft and works on that massive straight guy cock until it's ready. Then he strokes the meaty cock until the straight guy spews his hot cum load all over!

We get a great film to jerk-off to, the straight guy gets possibly the best suck he's ever had, and that hot guy behind the wall gets his daily dose of warm cum!
We all win!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Str8 Zack Gets Jerked

Not incredibly hung, but that certainly is a hot fat cock he has there. And those loose balls look so great!

Blindfolded on the bed Zack has his big floppy cock released into the open, the uncut head explored and stroked. Then as he gets harder the pace picks up and he's jerked off by mystery hands until the cum spurts from that foreskin-covered head out and onto his tight abs!
Men know how to jerk a hard cock, and even straight boys can't deny it.